Union: The Path of Practice

Build a yoga practice for life, and learn the science, philosophy and history of yoga

Union, the theory and practice of yoga practice cardLed by Greg Walsh

An 8 week online course, with 3 classes per week, a daily practice via email, 7 pre-recorded lectures and one weekend workshop.

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice, which will transform your body and mind with regular practice. Every yogi aspires to get on their mat every day, however they often do not know where to begin. Or they worry that they may do it wrongly. If you would like to develop a meaningful daily yoga practice this course is for you. There is space for everyone in yoga, whether you are a teacher or a newbie. The path of practice begins with rolling out the yoga-mat, but then what? Greg will give you a daily sequence to work on, and will guide you through the why’s and hows of a fulfilling yoga practice, which will grow and blossom to support you throughout your life.

Two out of these three classes are for course members only, there will be no drop-ins.Together we will build an online yoga community. We will be accountable to each other and support each other through both the joys and the challenges on the path of practice.

The Course will include a curated daily practice to guide you into a meaningful and sustainable yoga practice, to assist you in build healthy yoga habits, and to inspire you to get on your mat.


Tuesday 7.15-8.45pm

Thursday 6.30am-7am

Sunday Service 11am-11.45am


Course begins Tuesday 18th January

Workshop Saturday 29th January 2pm – 4.30pm

You really enjoy yoga, and would like to learn more. It seems that the only available step beyond regular classes seems to be doing a teacher training course. that is a huge leap and is not for everyone. What if you want to learn more just for yourself, to build a sustainable yoga practice for yourself, and to learn a little more about the hows and whys of yoga?

You may do this course as a precursor to a teacher training course, or after a yoga teacher training course to strengthen your yoga practice. You may do it purely for yourself to deepen your knowledge of the science and philosophy of the yoga practice you love.

The course will include Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi, Kriya, Bandha, anatomy and philosophy.

  • Develop an understanding of optimal alignment in yoga postures
  • Learn how to practice yoga on your own
  • Learn the logic behind yoga sequences
  • Strengthen your breath through Pranayama
  • Cultivate mental stillness
  • Explore the basics of practical yogic anatomy
  • Learn about the anatomy, philosophy and history of yoga

Price: €250

  • 24 yoga classes, 16 are for course members only, 8 are Greg’s popular Sunday Service breathwork class
  • 7 pre-recorded lectures
  • 1 yoga workshop
  • A daily practice (via email 5 days per week)
  • Recordings of the classes that are exclusively for course members will be made available for the duration of the course
  • Email support
  • A certificate of completion
  • This course will count as CPD with Yoga Alliance for registered yoga teachers, covering the most important aspect of all: Practice.