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Audrey Fay


Many years back as a young anxious woman I attended my first ever Yoga class. I left that session with a huge sense of relief and walked home with a deep feeling of Peace. A completely new experience for me at the time. From then on I fell in love with the practice. Yoga changed my life!
I love it for the movement, the mindfulness, the community, and for the deep space and Presence it brings to my world. I am passionate about sharing Yoga with others. Helping others experience Freedom through the practice. Nothing fills me with more gratitude than having the privilege to lead a class.
My style is strong, steady and flowing. Drawing from Vinyasa, Hatha and Iyengar. I like to cultivate, through movement, breath and alignment, a deep sense of connection and coming home.

Drawing from my continuing studies in Yoga, Bio- Medicine, Reiki and Music Therapy, I love to give a dynamic, healing and grounded class.

I try to not take myself or life too seriously 😊 See you in class.


Audrey, yoga teacher in Samadhi Yoga Drogheda
Astrid, yoga teacher in Samadhi Yoga Drogheda

Astrid Sasse


In 2007, I attended a retreat with Eckhart Tolle (author of ‘A New Earth’ and ‘The Power of Now’) in Denmark and it was there that I participated in my first yoga classes. The classes were led by Eckhart’s partner, Kim Eng, who teaches Yin Yoga, which is a gentle approach involving deep tissue stretching. When I returned home, I started going to weekly yoga classes in the viniyoga style and soon developed my own personal daily practice. I attended Introductory and Foundation Workshops by the British aYs (Association for Yoga Studies) in the following year. What I liked most about practicing Yoga was the peacefulness that your whole being is filled with – this is what really captured me.

In 2008, I attended a weeklong meditation retreat and for the following two years I did not practice yoga asanas (postures) but developed a regular meditation practice, which allowed me to explore the peace and stillness within at a deeper level. The regular meditation practice has stayed with me since then. But somehow, I was still drawn to yoga asanas – I felt I just had not found the style that suited me best. In summer 2010, I went on a weeklong ‘Yoga, pranayama & meditation retreat’ at the Burren Yoga and Meditation Center with the incredible David Muehsam. He encouraged me to take classes in the Iyengar style – as according to him, this style of yoga would suit my analytical mind and body type most. At first, I only practiced at home what he had taught us at the retreat. Very quickly however, my flexibility improved and I felt I needed the advice of an experienced teacher to guide me safely into more advanced postures. Since then, I attend weekly Iyengar classes in the Drogheda Samadhi Studio with the amazing Greg Walsh. My practice deepened over the next year, yoga had given me so many benefits already, mentally and physically and I still wanted to understand better the different aspects of yoga.

Early in 2011, I spent 2 weeks at a Sivananda Ashram, participating happily in Ashram life, learning more and more about a yogic life. I completed a very intense, month long Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp, in Val Morin, Canada in summer 2011 and am now a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance (RYT-200). Since the TTC, yoga has become even more present and as it has manifested itself in many ways in my life. I hope to share with my students what I have learnt about the benefits of yoga on a physical, mental and spiritual level over the past years since attending my very first lesson.

Denise Kelly


My name is Denise, my passion is teaching yoga.

It has been an integral part of my life ever since I imerse myself in it 4 years ago. It is a sorce of happiness and balance in my life and I want help guide others on their own personal yoga journey.

Denise, yoga teacher in Samadhi Yoga Drogheda
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Elanie Tobin


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Greg Walsh


Greg Walsh Has been teaching yoga since before some of his students were born! He set up Samadhi in 2005, having run Prana Yoga Centre for 3 years. Greg is deeply passionate about yoga, as a practice and as a subject. He has taught yoga all over Ireland, Europe and the USA. He loves providing space for good yoga.

Greg says:

I was introduced to yoga in my mid 20’s whilst traveling in Nepal. I didn’t think it would be for me, but in fact I really took to it straight away. I initially practiced Satyananda yoga, but on my return to Dublin I was introduced to Iyengar yoga. Its strong physical challenge, focus on strong body awareness and attention to detail appealed to me immediately. I have studied primarily Iyengar yoga for 20 years, and really appreciate its clear physical focus. 

I was awarded my Introductory Iyengar Teacher Training Certificate in 2002 after 2 years of intensive teacher training. In March 2016 I received my Intermediate Level 3 Certificate. I have stepped back from using the Iyengar name, as I often teach in a more exploratory and less pedantic way than traditional Iyengar yoga is often presented.

For me, yoga is not a physical practice, it is an exploratory philosophical and energetic practice which uses the body to access the inner essence. We use yoga to gain control and mastery of our body, we use our body to access the breath, and we use the breath to gain mastery of our thoughts, our mind, our consciousness, our whole being. 

Contact Greg: greg@samadhi.ie

  • Teaching yoga since 1999
  • Certified Iyengar Junior Intermediate Level 3
  • Yoga Alliance Professionals SYT (senior yoga teacher)
  • Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 Certified
  • Yoga Alliance YACEP (Yoga Alliance continuing education provider)
  • Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology
  • Formerly co-owned and co-managed Prana Yoga Centre 2002-2005
  • Owner/Director of Samadhi
Greg, yoga teacher and owner of Samadhi Yoga Drogheda
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Jacquie Conroy


I attended my first class in 1981 and became hooked on yoga ever since! Over the next few years I attended many classes, courses, and workshops and met many wonderful teachers and experienced different yoga styles. In 1995 one of my teachers suggested that I might consider teaching myself. So the following year I embarked on my teaching training Diploma Course with the Irish Health Culture Association.

I began teaching Hatha Yoga in September 1997, teaching from beginners to advanced levels as well as pre-natal classes. I trained as a Yoga Bugs Teacher in 2004 and began teaching Yoga to children from 4-7 years. I went on to complete further training to teach Yoga to children from 8-12 years. I completed the comprehensive peri-natal teacher training course in The Elbow Room which covered all aspects of yoga for pregnancy as well as post-natal mum and baby yoga.

I enjoy my yoga practice today more than ever. I was blessed to have discovered yoga at a young age and to have grown up with it. I know it will always be a big part of my life. It has been a wonderful experience for me to have shared my love of yoga, through my teaching, with so many people who have also discovered the magic of this wonderful ancient discipline.

Contact Jacquie:

Kate Szkiel


I went to my first hot yoga class mainly because I needed to warm up (it was late November…). I constantly fell in love with it and I found myself in classes nearly every day, discovering the discipline of Bikram sequence, the flow of Vinyasa and the power of Ashtanga. I was fascinated with the sounds of Sanskrit and completely shocked with my first meditation experience. I started looking into the philosophy of yoga. I figured out I have been unknowingly following the path of yoga since my childhood and I continued my informal studies. When fellow students started asking me for advice on their practice in the lockers I decided to become a teacher. During my training I started having spine problems, and I had to give up my physical practice completely for nearly a year. It was then when I discovered Yin Yoga, style that allowed me to get back to work on my flexibility without causing more injuries. As Yin is mainly a practice of letting go, I finally began to accept my physical condition. I think that is what made me a teacher and practitioner I am now. While I value progress and work on self improvement, I focus on awareness of personal limits and work within them. I developed strong understanding of struggles my students go through every day and I have deep compassion for everyone suffering on physical or mental level. Lately it came to light I most likely have AS, which is most likely why I avoid conventional training 🙂 In foreseeable future I am planning to learn more about autism and start classes for people affected by it.

Kate, yoga teacher in Samadhi Yoga Drogheda
Lenka, yoga teacher in Samadhi Drogheda

Lenka Valinhas


Hello! My name is Lenka and apart from many other things I am also a yoga teacher. I teach Vinyasa Flow, Pregnancy and Restorative Yoga and I trained in the Durga Yoga studio in Maynooth, Ireland.

My yoga journey is about learning, exploring , discovering and connecting within and with others. I regularly attend workshops and courses as I like to keep my mind fresh and open.

I am looking forward to sharing with you my love and passion for practice and philosophy of Yoga, which truly helps to disconnect from the busy world and brings us back to the present moment, to our breath, our body, calms the mind and makes us realise how essential it is to be in the flow and union with all. Namaste!

Liza Kennedy


Info coming soon

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Lisa Kennedy, yoga teacher in Samadhi Yoga Drogheda
Siobhan, Vinyasa yoga teacher in Samadhi Yoga Drogheda

Sibohan Flynn


Yoga first came into my life while in college in NYC, my hometown. I loved the effect it had on me. It seemed to bring strength and serenity to both my body and mind.

However, upon my move to Ireland, my yoga practice gave way to other things, namely Pilates. Then, a few years ago, when I needed it most, yoga came back to me. Immediately falling back in love with not only the practice, but the balance it helped bring to my busy life; I began to integrate yoga into my everyday life. With the encouragement and support of my amazing teachers, I embarked upon my yoga teacher training journey. Now a qualified RYT200, I consider myself so incredibly blessed to be able to share the practice with others. While I am a teacher, I am a student first, learning from teachers and students alike, and seeking to expand and deepen my practice.

Slava M


Becoming a Bodywork Specialist has changed my life fundamentally , I’ve met and worked with many interesting people from all walks of life and have developed very interesting and fulfilling friendships that guided and moulded me into who I am today.

My work focus over the last several years is on Spinal Rehabilitation – working with back pain sufferers in group and one-on-one settings stopping various painful spinal conditions.

Spinal rehabilitation is the summit of my intensive work on alleviation such painful spinal conditions as fibrositis, fibromyalgia, slipped disc or herniated disc, acute disc prolapse, degenerative disc disease, arthritis of the lower back, facet joint inflammation, rheumatism, lumbago, isthmic spondylolisthesis, lumbar spinal stenosis and other conditions that may be responsible for lower back pain and sciatica.

Slava, massage therapist, back specialist and yoga teacher in Samadhi Yoga Drogheda