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Dear Samadhi family,

As the coronavirus situation evolves, I have been thinking of your health and safety. As regular practitioners together on the mat, I want you to know that you are very dear to me personally, and very dear to all of us in Samadhi.

For me yoga is an essential aspect of my physical mental and emotional well-being. Attending a regular class is one of the pillars which upholds my health and sanity. And I must be honest, regularly hosting many of you in my classes, and seeing many of you attending classes with other Samadhi teachers, is what makes me get out of bed every morning with the spring in my step.

With that in mind, and having discussed this at length with the Samadhi teachers, we feel that we should take Samadhi online for the next few weeks. The nature of regular yoga classes is shared space and close proximity. That is a recipe to spread this infection. Most of us have robust immune systems, but it is not about us, it is about our parents, our grandparents, our elderly neighbours, the vulnerable in our proximity. So for a few weeks we are going to close our physical doors, and meet in the virtual world. Our doors will be closed by Monday, and by that time we will have a full online class plan in place.

We appreciate that you come to Samadhi not just for the amazing yoga teachers(!!), but also for your friends who practice beside you, for the craic, and for the kombucha fuelled chats after class. With that in mind we have set up a two way streaming system, so you can attend the class live from home,  and the teacher can see you. You will be able to talk to the teacher and class. And be warned, the teacher can mute you if you are cheeky. You know who you are!

Bookings will be through our regular mindbody booking system using our app or website. You can purchase a weekly streaming pass or individual class, up to 30 minutes before start time. 20 minutes before class you will get an emailed link to the class, you click through and log in. You can show up 15 minutes before class, chat with others who are “virtually” beside you on the mat, and then practice as normal. Because on some level, though we are currently in a crisis, life needs to go on as normal.

Sending you love and positivity,

Greg & your Samadhi Family

Greg Walsh

Greg has been teaching yoga since 1999, and is still passionate about the practice and subject, over 20 years later.  He has a particular interest in the anatomy & physiology of yoga, and how it can guide yoga practice. Greg is owner and director of Samadhi Yoga Studios. When he is not teaching yoga, he is usually traveling abroad to teach yoga!

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  1. Anne Lhenoret

    You are a star Greg, well done for this. Virtual hugs.

    1. Greg Walsh

      It has to be done Anne. We have to slow down the spread. I hope you and Mark are well and stay well. Sending virtual hugs back!

      1. Anne Lhenoret

        We are well – so far so good! Agreed. It is our collective responsibility.

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