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DURGA weekly pass (5 classes in 7 days): €30

SHIVA monthly pass (20 classes in 30 days): €100

MAHA auto-renewing membership (20 classes in 30 days): €90

Drop in : €10

In Samadhi, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have decided to close our doors and open our laptops, to offer you an exclusively online yoga timetable. 

Yes,  Samadhi Yoga in the comfort of your home!

Instead of coming to the studio, you book your class as normal and we will provide you with a direct link by email to join your class from home. Your teacher will be on your screen AND you will be on a screen in front of your teacher. Yes, it is a two way setup!

Your teacher can see you, speak to you and guide you from sitting at the beginning of practice right through to savasana at the end of class.You can see who else is in class with you, and you will benefit from each others energy by practicing together. Yet you don’t have to worry about leaving the house.

How do you sign up for online classes?

  1. Sign up for your class as usual using our Samadhi phone app, the bsport app, or HERE ON OUR WEBSITE.
  2. Registration for class closes 60 before the start of class so advanced registration is essential in order to get access to the live stream.
  3. As always there will be a cancellation policy of 2 hours prior to the start time of class. 
  4. Your Zoom online class link is sent out automatically when you book your class, up to a week before class. If you have not received it 60 minutes before class please email and let Greg know. If you email at the last minute he may not be able to help you. Before you email do check your junkmail, spam and promotions folder. The email will come from so it would be worth adding that email into your contacts or whitelist. 
  5. Zoom can be accessed from your desktop, phone or tablet. When you click your unique link to join the class you will be taken there directly.  Both Apple and Android apps can be found in each respective app store.  Alternatively it can be accessed directly from your web browser. You do not need to have a Zoom account to access classes.
  6. We recommend you connect for your online class a little early, as Zoom has about 2 minutes of setup.
  7. As you join the class you will see everyone else who is attending, on your screen, as well as your teacher. 
  8. If you are shy, you are welcome to leave your video off if you like so we just see your name!

Greg Walsh

Greg has been teaching yoga since 1999, and is still passionate about the practice and subject, over 20 years later.  He has a particular interest in the anatomy & physiology of yoga, and how it can guide yoga practice. Greg is owner and director of Samadhi Yoga Studios. When he is not teaching yoga, he is usually traveling abroad to teach yoga!

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  1. Soudeh

    That is great we still could have our class but i wasn’t able to book for monday class with greg

    1. Greg Walsh

      Hi Soudeh!
      We are closed on Monday. We are setting up the online classes tomorrow, and they should be love by Saturday evening on the 14th March. First class will be Wednesday 18th.

    2. Greg Walsh

      Hi Soudeh, classes are online and bookable now. We look forward to “seeing you”!

  2. Emma Walker

    Hi Greg
    I go to the beginners vinyosa on Thursday evenings with siobhan.
    R any of the classes online level 1?

    1. Greg Walsh

      Hi Emma! You would be fine in the Tuesday, Thursday or Friday classes. Give them a whirl!

  3. Angel Cullinane

    Hi Greg – I have paid for the weekly pass – does this mean I am eligible for all online classes Wednesday – Wednesday on the app?

    Thanks for this fantastic service.


    1. Greg Walsh

      Hi Angel! thank you for supporting us! It means 7 consecutive days, so Wednesday to Tuesday. Bookings are flying in, and classes may book out. We want to be able to see our students, so we are not taking unlimited students. Be sure to book early!

  4. Patricia

    Classes were great online thanks I had my camera off but it worked well unfortunately Greg missed my marvellous headstand 🙃 patricia

    1. Greg Walsh

      I am sorry I missed that! You can show tomorrow!

  5. Jennifer

    Hi Greg,I’m really enjoying the online classes.I might have to miss this morning’s class with,is there anyway you can send me class recording later?

    1. Greg Walsh

      Hi Jennifer! I am delighted that you are enjoying! Due to GDPR content issues we have stopped recording classes. Sorry!

  6. Jennifer

    Ok,no probs Greg!

  7. Laurence

    Hi Greg, online classes is a fantastic idea! I was wondering what minimum bandwidth do you need to be able to follow the class with video camera? I am in the middle of nowhere in France and the internet connection is quite slow. Thanks very much.

    1. Greg Walsh

      Hi Laurence! Middle of nowhere in France moulds wonderful right now! Minimum bandwidth is 600kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps (up/down). If you are lower than that you could try with your camera off, so you get audio and video but I cannot see you. Sad though that would be, it might make the difference.
      Keep safe!

  8. Angel Cullinane

    Hi Greg – I purchased a weekly online pass last week which is going to expire tomorrow (Tuesday). Can I buy another pass?

    1. Greg Walsh

      Hi Angel! Use up tomorrows and then buy another. I am not sure what would happen if you buy one when you are still using the previous one. That ok?

      1. Angel Cullinane

        perfect thanks Greg

    2. Brenda

      Hi Greg
      Really enjoyed that stiff yogi class.I might put my camera on next time!
      I was appearing as Michael O Sullivan I think.
      Is your Thursday morning class much harder?

      1. Greg Walsh

        Indeed you were Brenda! Give Thursday a go!

  9. Patricia

    Im really enjoying the online classes my broadband is a little iffy so altough I can see Greg its inclined to drop out and starts buffering so I dont use the camera It works well for me. i think the weekly pass is great value also.

    1. Greg Walsh

      I understand Patricia. Thanks for letting me know. No problem at all!

  10. patricia

    HI Greg, Now my hill walking has been stopped I am taking to the online classes with gusto….I have a query about the passes.
    Sorry .. I was a bit overentusiatic about booking a class each day I understand now …the pass is for five classes in 7 days. Im wondering whether there any other alternative to adding an individual class once you have used up your five. In other words if you have used up your five classes and your pass has not yet expired can bou buy another pass for another five classes. ie mypass is up to April 3rd and i have used my 5 classes what would my options be?
    many thanks ,


    1. Greg Walsh

      Hi Patricia! I am glad that you are gearing up on your yoga! The pass expires either after 7 days OR when it is used up. So if you use it up in fewer days then you can buy another one immediately.

  11. Patricia

    Great thanks for that patricia

  12. Brenda

    Hi Greg
    What is the Stiff Yogi class?

    1. Greg Walsh

      Hi Brenda,
      Its a class for stiffer people. We use props and hold poses for longer.

  13. Brenda

    Hi Greg
    Only prop I have is a yoga belt
    Can I still do the class?

    1. Greg Walsh

      Absolutely. We get creative, using books, cushions, kitchen chairs.

  14. Adrian

    Wow – the remote classes are really good – almost as good as the real thing – well done!

    1. Greg Walsh

      Thank you Adrian, its great to see you on the mat!

  15. Mary

    Hi, If you miss a class can a recording be sent afterwards?

    1. Greg Walsh

      Hi Mary, we do not send a recording. With GDPR we would need to get the written permission of everyone in the class if we were to record. Also our classes are very much two way events, people get verbal adjustments and personal guidance, its a live experience which would not translate to as useful experience if watching back.

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