• If you feel unwell, have any symptoms of Covid, a cold, flu or any other communicable illness, or have been in contact with a covid-19 case please do not come in for class. We have online classes which you can do from the comfort of your home.

  • We will take the temperature of each student (and teacher) before each class, with a contactless thermometer. Anyone with a temperature will be asked to leave.

  • Our booking system logs all attendance and allows for contact tracing. 

  • Please arrive changed and in yoga gear, and avoid the changing area if possible.

  • Please arrive just 5 minutes before class.

  • We recommend you wear a mask coming into Samadhi. You are welcome to wear a mask or visor during class.

  • There is a hands-free hand sanitiser dispenser inside the studio door in Drogheda and hands-free hand sanitiser dispensers at the front door and outside both studio doors in Temple Bar. Please use!

  • The yoga studio will be disinfected, door handles, surfaces and stair rails will be regularly sanitised, but we ask you to avoid their use if possible. Your teacher can open and close the door, to avoid cross-contamination.

  • Each session will last for not more than 75 minutes, at which point we ask you to gather your yoga gear and leave the building. The room will be fully sanitised between each session.

  • There will be no hands on adjusting or assisting in class.

  • There are no studio mats available, and no props. If you need props, you must bring in your own, and you must bring in your own yoga mat.

  • We have put floor markings on the studio floors so that students can clearly and easily remain 2 meters apart at all times. We ask all students to all face forward so that they are never facing each other.

  • Windows will be kept open at all times, to allow for free flow of air. With that in mind it is worth bringing an extra layer of clothing.

Who “we” are:
When we talk about “Samadhi”, or “us” or “we” in this notice, we are talking about Greg Walsh trading as Samadhi, and all of the teachers, staff and affiliates who come under the Samadhi banner.