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July 24, 2018

So, you have decided you want to be a teacher. With so many excellent choices, how can you be sure you’re picking the right one for you?

Would these testimonials from our newly qualified teachers help convince you to join our upcoming teacher training starting on the 5th of October 2018.

Teacher Clare Ryan in Virabhadrasana I

“I highly recommend the teacher training course in Samadhi. The teaching team is dedicated to making the yogi into the best possible teacher by the end of the course. They are always interested in questions posed and never hesitate to provide advice and share their own experiences. The course content is detailed and comprehensive, with a variety of topics paying respect to the yoga tradition, it’s origins and philosophy. Having had the pleasure to be apart of this course I can confirm that it is great value for money. A real highlight of the experience has been the supportive atmosphere among the group of trainees, who I feel very fortunate to have shared the teacher training experience with. Thanks to the Samadhi teacher training course, I feel prepared to go and start teaching yoga.
Namaste. 🙂 ”

Clare Ryan


Teacher Maria Bermejo in Bakāsana

“There are endless reasons why I believe my experience in the last 10 months has become the best I ever had in my life.  Of the many I can point out the fact that thanks to this course I had the best excuse to give myself a treat of a full weekend per month of extensive yoga! That on its own is worth every single penny and all the commuting I had to do. I live in Carlow but I was able to stay with my father in law for the weekend so, no husband and no kids for a whole weekend every single month for 10 months!!! 😃 … just amazing!

On the other hand I was able to deepen my yoga knowledge from one of the best yoga teacher crews in Dublin. The content for the course is really extensive, covering almost all aspects of hatha yoga; Kryas, pranayama, meditation philosophy, anatomy, history of yoga… and of course my favourite part… asana! 😃 I consider it is important to have a good amount of teachers with different backgrounds where you can get the best from each of them to build up your own style and this course provides exactly that!

The studio is super equipped with all the props you need, two floors of studio, with different dedicated areas, atmosphere bliss from the time you walk into the premises. This experience has enabled me to become a more confident, experienced yoga teacher with a very solid foundation”.

Maria Bermejo


Our next annual 250 hour Samadhi yoga teacher training begins on 5th October 2018. We are now interviewing for it. So if you feel like you would like to deepen your knowledge and learn how to share the practice you love with others then pop us an email


Your Samadhi Yoga Family


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